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St. Maries, Idaho: Where it All Began

The Young Living Essential Oil Company currently farms and distills on SIX continents and utilizes 25 open markets, providing jobs in countries across the globe. An amazing feat for a U.S. company only 25 years old! These farms and distilleries comprise 6 different time zones, connecting through a desire for better health and wellness for people all over the world.

This international company began at the St. Maries, Idaho Lavender Farm and Distillery. St. Maries was established on land that had never been exposed to chemical pesticides or man-made fertilizers. Young Living’s Seed to Seal® quality commitment supports these origins, shaping agricultural practices to not only sustainably cultivate botanicals but to protect and preserve botanicals, wildlife, and landscapes.

Oils from St. Maries include Lavender, Melissa, and Goldenrod. Have you ever used these oils? For many, sleep would be hindered without Lavender; circulation hampered without Goldenrod; and immunity compromised without Melissa’s boosting compounds. We invite you to take a look. Let us share with you.💞


Come join this global movement with the world leader of essential oils and experience it for yourself!

Participate in the harvest, visit the farms, experience the essential oils and

oil-infused products.

Join myself and others all around the world as we grow in wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Experience freedom and the opportunity to live the life you want.