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Laundry Room

I envision yards active with aromas that fill the air. Rosemary and lavender bushes surrounding the home. Fresh sprigs being picked and hung to dry. And laundry day! Was laundry day a joy for them? Would they get excited to drape their linens over their aromatic shrubs to scent them? It all sounds so wonderful to me!

Drift off and dream with me. Picture yourself hand washing the linens, being out in the crisp, fresh air and glorious sunshine, draping the linens over the line to dry, scenting them with the aromas available within arms reach. I reach down and wait! What is THIS? Muddy clothing from a dirtbike riding teen! Screeeech! Moment over.

Let us now come back to reality, put our hand up in the air, and give thanks to the Lord for washing machines and dryers, lol. Whew! Yes, Lord!

I will agree that both have their place in life, as we hand wash our delicates and use our machine for other articles of clothing. Especially the heavily soiled clothing of a dirt-bike riding teen. Who in the world would want to hand wash THOSE! So yes, both have their place, and today we’ll take a look at how to use our essential oils in creating a wonderfully aromatic experience on laundry day!

1. History

 There are times to hand wash and line dry, just as there are times to use the washing machine and dryer.

And then there are seasons, weather and in life, that can change this up a bit too. Let’s first take a look at handwashing.



Handwashing delicates is a must if we want them to last longer. It allows us to protect and preserve them for the duration of wear. It is also a lovely way to incorporate essential oils for fresh, clean smelling clothes.

You can select from fresh, floral, or even romantic and relaxing aromas depending on what you are washing. Here are a few ideas:

2. Handwashing

When hand washing, place 1 drop of essential oil in the water during final rinse or spritz with an aromatic blend in a spray bottle as it is hung on the line to dry.

Hand washing our delicates usually means we are setting them out to dry as well. In the summer months, line drying is a wonderful option. In colder months, a drying rack comes in handy.

If line drying during a season with mosquitoes and other annoying insects, consider a spray bottle with geranium, lavender, lemongrass, or cedarwood. Better yet, consider the use of our Purification blend.

During the colder months when the clothing is drying indoors, you can experiment and create wonderful combinations not having to worry so much about insects as much.

3a. Line Dry

Machine Washing

Whew! Can you believe that for a moment I was delighting in the days of hand washing ALL the things! I’m so glad reality came back as quickly as it did, lol. Let’s talk machine washing. Did you know that whipping up a batch of laundry soap is super easy and cost effective? The savings can be enormous!

Here is a recipe for powdered laundry soap as well as a recipe for liquid laundry soap.

Tip: You can switch out the Fels Naptha soap with Zote soap or even a bar of Young Living’s soap such as Thieves. All are great options for cleaning!

Fels Naptha and/or Zote can usually be found down the laundry aisle of the grocery store. Sometimes next to the Washing Soda and Borax.

Both of these recipes were life savers when it came to a family with sensitive skin. This seemed to be one of the only laundry soaps their skin wouldn’t react to. The liquid laundry soap is a concentrate and actually yields 10 gallons when finished. You fill empty laundry containers half full with the laundry soap and half full with water. It cleans, freshens the clothing, and stretches the budget BIG time! It’s a win/win.

Natural Bleach Alternative

Let’s go back to line drying for a minute. I know, I can’t stay away from it as my mind wanders back to the fresh air, blue skies, and sunshine. But, did you know that sunshine is one of the best natural bleaching agents!

When using the washing machine, you can create this natural bleach alternative which protects the fibers of your clothing better than bleach (known to break down the fibers and wear out the clothing much quicker).

You can even use this before hand washing and line drying. Yep, went there again.

Natural Bleach Alternative

Fabric Softener Alternative

This alternative to fabric softener is WONDERFUL! Using an all natural conditioner with a little bit of vinegar and water is genius and such a great way to avoid all the harmful chemicals.

4. Fabric softener

Dryer Sheet Alternatives

Replace dryer sheets quite easily with Young Living’s Lavender infused Seedlings Wipes or add essential oils to wool dryer balls.¬† Wool dryer balls are a great option as they are reusable. Another win/win when it comes to saving money.

For the aroma, you can add essential oils to a damp washcloth or sponge and toss into the drying cycle.


Ironing Clothes

Can we iron our clothes outside next to the line drying? Just kidding. This is really fun though! Essential oil infused ironing water. Ever heard of it? It’s a thing. Really!

5a. Ironing.png


Fresh Smelling Clothes in the Dresser & Linen Spray

Scented sachets and linen sprays are so easy to make and lovely to gift. You can use any essential oil of your choice. A few popular ones are lavender, rose or cedarwood but the wonderful part is that YOU are the one to decide how they will smell.

My favorite linen spray is made up of 10 drops Lavender and 10 drops Stress Away. Oh my does it smell wonderful!

8. Packing Clothes Away

I hope you give some of these tips and tricks a try! Ditching the toxins, making your own, creating a healthier home, saving money in the process, I mean hello! Throw some confetti around and celebrate because it’s a wonderful feeling.

Happy laundry day!