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Christmas with the PSK: Lavender

Lavender, precious, precious lavender. The Swiss army knife of essential oils that, the jack of all trades. When in doubt, reach for this wonderful essential oil. The good thing is that you don’t have to reach far because it comes with your Premium Starter Kit!

Throughout the centuries, lavender has been known for its calming and relaxing abilities, for its physically and emotionally balancing properties, as well as its ability to help with concentration and mental acuity.

Here are some fun ways of using your 5ml bottle of Lavender essential oil in Christmas gifts this holiday season. Make a lovely linen and pillow spray and pair with a pretty label. Make a relaxing sugar scrub, or even gift the teen young lady in your life with a little homemade makeup remover!

Soothing Skin Spray

Another lovely gift, is a soothing skin spray! For the person who loves to be outdoors but feels the effects of the winter weather, for the loved one going on vacation who will be basking in the sun, for the co-worker who could use a little “pick me up” midday, for the little one who could use a little calming down and on, and on…this is such a versatile gift that anyone can enjoy.

18. All is Calm, All is Bright

While working on your gifts, here is a lovely diffuser blend to enjoy! All is Calm, All is bright is a blend of soothing, yet equally uplifting essential oils that help to balance.

Did you know that you can take any diffuser blend and turn it into a room spray? You can! Simply add the desired amount to a glass or stainless steel spray/spritz bottle and fill with water! I recommend a pinch of salt or a little vegetable glycerin to help keep the essential oils evenly dispersed.

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