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Diffusing is the easiest and simplest way of putting essential oils into the air for inhalation. Diffusers that use a heat source (such as a light bulb ring) will alter the chemical makeup of the oil and its therapeutic qualities. A cold air diffuser uses room-temperature air to blow the oil up against some kind of nebulizer. This breaks the oils up into a micro-fine mist that is dispersed into the air, covering hundreds of square feet in seconds. The oils, with their oxygenating molecules, will then remain suspended for several hours to freshen and improve the quality of the air. Essential oils, when diffused, have the ability to reduce the amount of airborne chemicals and metals as well as help to create greater spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional harmony. The greatest therapeutic benefit is received by diffusing oils for only 15 minutes out of an hour so that the olfactory system has time to recover before receiving more oils.  The easiest way to do this is by using a timer that can be set in 15 minute increments over a 24 hour period. Young Living offers many different types and styles of diffusers, some include timers with them.

Let’s take a look at the different types of diffusers there are so that you know which to choose from as you consider them for your home.

Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser 

Desert Mist Diffuser

Home Diffuser – Dew Drop Design

Rainstone Diffuser

Sundance Diffuser

DinoLand Ultrasonic Diffuser

Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser

USB Diffuser (great for laptop, office, school)

USB Orb Diffuser (great for travel)



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