Scentsable Living

Choosing a healthier way of life, the "scents"able way.

Chemical Free Home

Going green in your home includes using essential oils for everything around the house!

Why should you be Going Green in your Home?

Here are a few reasons…

  • Why not? Do you honestly enjoy the smell of Bleach, Synthetic Air Fresheners or Scrubbing Bubbles?
  • Are you already using essential oils to maintain a healthy regime around your home? Then why not incorporate oils into your cleaning, freshening and cooking routines! We know the benefits!
  • Are we cleaning up our bodies on one end (detoxing) by eating right, using oils, etc, and then bombarding them with toxins on another end by using toxic products in our home?
  • Are the products we are using good for our planet and the environment; and
  • Are the home products we are using healthy for our dogs, cats and children?


Come! Take a look at products that will help you maintain not only a clean home, but a healthy one as well. Toxin free living is right around the corner for you!

Thieves Premium Starter Kit – This is the BEST bang for your buck and cost-effective way to revamp your home and ditch the toxins.

Scentsably Clean Kitchen

Dishwashing Powder, Dish Soap, as well as our Fruit & Veggie Spray as well as our Fruit & Veggie Soak

Scentsably Clean Home

Household Cleaner, Laundry Soap, and Soap (including hand soap, bar soap and MORE).

Scentsably Clean Mouth

Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Mouthwash, and MORE!

Scentsably On-the-Go

Spray, Hand Purifier, Portable Wipes