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Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Summer is coming, are you ready!? We homeschool, and one fun fact we learned this year is that Arkansas sees about 218 days of sunshine per year, on average. (Can you believe that when we have two days of grey skies in a row, my body craves the return of our sunshine? It’s amazing and fascinating!)

While we don’t use sunscreen daily, we may reach for it when we are out in the sun for an extended amount of time due to an outing or longer hours of yard work. You see, we actually want the Vitamin D our body produces as a result of being in the sun! However, as a chemical-free family finding a sunscreen that I actually trusted was proving to be quite difficult as many of the options on the market were loaded with junk. Get this, junk that may actually CAUSE skin cancer. Crazy right!?  Have you ever googled the ingredients that are listed in the average sunscreens on the market? Some are terrible and laden with toxic products you would never allow near your family – yet many don’t even consider this when slathering it onto their skin. Gasp!

Enter Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion.  Not only does it smell wonderful, but the best part is that it is toxin free and reef safe! It is very light-weight and soothes the skin. One thing I appreciate is that Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion includes non-nano zinc. Want a visual for what that all means? Here’s a quick video for you:


Some of you may be wondering why this wonderful tubes is SPF 10. Let’s defer to Lindsey Elmore’s insight on what SPF’s actually represent. (I follow Lindsey Elmore on FB and IG. She’s very educational and worth your time. You can read her blog post in its entirety here. )

“SPF stands for sun protection factor. It is a measure of how well an agent blocks UVB rays (the kind that cause skin cancer). When not wearing sunscreen, your skin will naturally change color and incur a certain amount of damage in one hour. If you are wearing an SPF of 2 you will incur that same amount of damage in 2 hours that you would have incurred in one hour without any SPF. An SPF of 10 will get you 10 hours, SPF 30 will get you 30 hours, etc.

Here’s the thing, SPF is not linear (i.e. you don’t get 10 times more protection going from SPF 1 to 10 or 10 to 100). When you apply SPF 10, you are blocking approximately 90% of UVB rays. SPF 15, approximately 93%; SPF 30, approximately 97%; and SPF 50, 98%. So applying an SPF of 30 only gives you 7% more protection than SPF 10.

Also worth considering: if you do not plan on spending more than 10 hours in the sun, you may not need the 30 hours of protection than an SPF 30 may offer. In fact, when is the last time you saw 30 hours of daylight?

Bottom line, lower SPFs, applied more often, may offer similar sun protection as higher SPFs.”

– Lindsey Elmore

Basically all this means is that just because a tube bears a smaller SPF doesn’t mean you should toss it to the curb. You can see the percentage of protection is quite minimal in comparison of SPF 10 to SPF 50. We should reapply the mineral sunscreen after sweating or swimming, but why? Well, here’s a fun visual for you, are you ready? Have you ever roasted a chicken or turkey in the oven? What happens to the skin if you don’t baste it during the cooking process? It dries out…and burns. What happens if you baste it often during the process to hydrate the skin? It browns nicely, right? Right!

So pretend you’re a chicken or turkey in the sun for hours…what do you think is going to happen if your skin dries out? Personally, I like to brown evenly, so as soon as my skin feels dry, I reapply. Sometimes I reapply every 30 min to an hour, sometimes I reapply every 2 hours. For my family, every trip outdoors is different. Sometimes we sweat more, sometimes we swim more, sometimes the skin is less hydrated because I didn’t drink my daily water intake the day before (very important). So many factors can play into how often to apply. You need to know your own body and take action. Good news though! I can point you to where you can get this awesome sunscreen for yourself!!

SO, here you go. Click here to get yourself a tube or two of Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. If you have a Young Living account already, login to purchase. If not, use #1289082 as the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID. Your skin will thank you.