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DIY Mens Cologne

Crafting a top notch mens cologne is easy with Melissa Poepping’s “Pure Male Cologne Collection” book of recipes. Pair with the right label and the right bottle and the presentation will make a wonderful gift for that special guy in your life whether it be your beau or your son.

A cute mug, with hot cocoa and a bottle of Peppermint Vitality (63)


Crafting Pure Colognes With Essential Oils

Three Collections, 21 Scents, For One Very Bold, Brash, Badass Man

by Melissa Poepping

So much more than a book, this is a seductive experience. Black suede cover – meant to show wear and get better with age – silver embossed lettering, and perfect-binding, will ensure this never leaves your sight!

Printed in the United States of America.


DIY Mens Cologne Option No. 2

Make your own cologne using your favorite mens essential oils blend such as Shutran, Valor or Northern Lights Black Spruce.

DIY Cologne