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Essential Oil-Infused Water Recipes

Benefits of Hydration

Did you know that a simple look at your urine can help you to know whether you’re consuming enough water or not? Here is a chart to glance at, go ahead and see where you may line up.

Note that some vitamins can make urine darker too so use this a guide, not a definitive.

Why is it important to be properly hydrated?

Proper hydration is soooo very important for every system of the body. Take a look at this image.


For some of you this may be an eye-opener, for others a refresher however it never hurts to revisit important information. Isn’t it amazing? The heart is made up of 79% water! The kidneys, 83% water!

Can you see why it’s important to stay properly hydrated?

What are some of the benefits of staying properly hydrated?

Take a look at this slide.

I can tell you from experience that when I’m hydrated, I sleep better. My body doesn’t retain water weight (sometimes I can gain 5 lbs. in water weight just from not drinking enough water).
If I’m sluggish midday, a refreshing glass of water picks me up and so on.
And I LOOK younger!!! Seriously, no fine lines or wrinkles!!! When my lines appear on my forehead and around my mouth, I know I haven’t been drinking enough water. I can look several years younger just by staying hydrated and you can too!

Have you noticed any of these benefits yourself? 

How much water should I drink?

Some people ask, “Well, how do I know how much water I need?” Here is a simple formula to use as a gauge.


Again, this isn’t a definite answer because the more active you are, the more hydrated your body may need to be. But this is a good place to start.

Benefits of Adding Essential Oils to Water

Essential oils can be a fantastic edition to our water intake for many reasons:

1. It can take a boring glass of water and give it flavor.
2. Certain oils support specific systems of the body so you can use it for total body support.
3. For a targeted need such as maintaining a healthy weight regimen


It’s very important to know that glass water bottles or stainless steel are the recommended bottles of choice. You do not want to add essential oils to plastic water bottles as you will end up drinking plastic-infused water due to the oils breaking down the plastic (also known as a petrochemical which the body will store in fatty tissue when ingested).


Essential Oil Recipes

The following recipes are to be made in advance. Some recipes call for an empty 5ml bottle while others require an empty 15ml bottle. Each recipe is considered a “concentrate” meaning once you mix it up, you will only need 1-2 drops added to your bottle of water. I love making them up for our family and have found that we each have our own favorite! Today, we want to share some of those faves with you!



Just to recap, hydration is very important for every cell, organ, system and function of the body. Find a way to enjoy drinking water more so that you can stay nourished. I hope you give these recipes a try using Young Living’s Vitality Line of Non-GMO essential oils labeled for internal use.

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Thank you for stopping by to learn about the benefits of proper hydration and browsing the fun essential oil-infused water recipes. Have a blessed day!