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Sharing in the midst of Summer Vacation

Summertime is here, isn’t it exciting!?! Here come the road trips, family vacations, family reunions, fun in the sun, memories, and more!

Do not put your business on the shelf during this time, instead this is the time to have fun and find creative ways to incorporate it in! Here are a few ideas:

Business in a Bag

Have an “Oil Tote” with you at all times. Exchange it out and make it your purse, aka “Business in a Bag” for the summer. I have this one and love it!
This Presentation Tote Carry Bag from KRE Publishing is sturdy and durable. I love that it’s easy to display the entire Premium Starter Kit in one bag. I have all of the oils in the bottom row,  my business cards, roller blends, etc… in the upper three pouches. On the back side there is a clear sleeve which I carry the Product Guide in and a side pouch for a water bottle.
The inside of the bag is spacious and well lined. I use the inside to keep samples and purple bags on hand as I look for ways to share the YL Opportunity with others. I also use it to carry my personal belongings such as my wallet, and products that I use on an everyday basis as well.
Going to the Beach? Toss in your YL Mineral Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Lavaderm After Sun Spray and more…you’ll be all set with a bag that is fully functional for both business and play!

Conversation Starter

When out and about, find ways to talk with people. A smile and hello is all you need in order to begin. If you are at the beach this summer, you are certain to be surrounded by people for several hours. They may see your bag, the products you are are using, and more. Watch their body language, if they are looking at what you are using, offer to share a little with them. Look for an opportunity to offer a sample and business card. Connect with them on social media so that you have their contact information or carry a notebook to gather their information for a future follow-up on how they liked the product.

I have a friend who made a DIY spray to keep insects away during their family reunion. People began asking her what it was and she had an open opportunity to begin sharing.

If this company is a way of life for you, then you’ll be taking the products everywhere you go, right? So use them, openly and publicly, look for opportunities to share and talk with others, and have fun making summer memories with your loved ones in the process!

Contact Information

Gathering information is so important if you want to follow up with them and it’s a must. If you are sharing product with them, wouldn’t you want to know how it was working for them? How will you do this if you do not have their information?

Follow Up – This is KEY!

You will hear network marketing professionals say the same thing over and over again. The key is in the follow up. For one, it lets them know you care and were serious in your follow through. And secondly, it shows that you are professional. Should they join your team and decide to grow a business in the future, they will always remember that first contact and they will model the example you have set forth.

What to Carry in Your “Business in a Bag”

  • Business Cards
  • Notebook and pen for contact information, notes, ideas, etc..
  • Samples and product information to share
  • YL Product Guide – This is fantastic to use in teaching a quick, impromptu, 101 Class.

Sarah Harnisch teaches the Purple Bag method. This is an excellent way of sharing, teaching, and following through with a prospective new member.


Have fun this summer, make memories, and find ways to share along the way! Your growth will reflect this and you’ll be glad that you did!