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Young Living Around the Globe

Young Living, the world leader in essential oils, is all over the globe. No other essential oil company does what Young Living Essential Oils does to produce the highest quality essential oils.

Our whole Seed-to-Seal process begins by selecting and growing from quality non-GMO seeds, planting in rich soil, and growing in climates meant for the botanicals to thrive in. They are carefully harvested at just the right time to yield maximum therapeutic benefits through distillation processes using low temps and low pressure.

Every batch of oil is subjected to multiple in-house tests, and submitted to third-party sources for testing also… all of which allows us to formulate, package, and market pure, genuine therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Seed to Seal: A tour of Young Livings farms with Jared Turner, Young Living’s CFO

Young Living farms stand apart in the essential oil industry and set the standard for distilling essential oils. That’s why our essential oil farms play such an integral role in our Seed to Seal® promise, which commits us to providing pure, potent essential oils to homes across the world. We’ve invested unprecedented time and resources to ensure that these standards are prioritized at each of our global farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers, so your home and family gets the very best nature has to offer.

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A Growing World

As the world leader in essential oils and a renowned essential oil distiller, we’re constantly improving our farms and global partnerships while staying committed to our Seed to Seal promise. With locations on six continents and more than 30 countries, Young Living’s global presence is undisputed. With our global growth, our commitment to creating pure, potent essential oils and products through environmentally conscious methods also continues to grow.

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